2020 China Children's Clothing Supply Chain Conference to find a new way for the future of the industry

In order to promote collaboration and innovation in the supply chain of China’s children’s clothing industry, and reshape the new advantages of China’s children’s clothing industry, on August 22, the 2020 China Children’s Clothing Supply Chain Conference hosted by the China National Apparel Association was held in Hangzhou with the theme of "Collaboration, Creating and Sharing the Future". Yishang Town was grandly held.
Nearly 600 people including heads of industry associations, heads of children's clothing brands, heads of children's clothing supply chains and products, and children's clothing designer organizations from all over the country attended the conference.
The conference was presided over by Ji Ming, Secretary General of the Children's Wear Professional Committee of the China National Garment Association.
The conference focuses on forums, exhibitions, and matchmaking meetings, condenses cutting-edge ideas, solutions and business practices from around the world, listens to the views of the most visionary opinion leaders, showcases cutting-edge technology and innovation in fashion, and promotes collaboration between upstream and downstream enterprises in China's children's clothing industry Upgrade and development, at the same time, look for new driving forces and directions for enterprise development, promote the progress of China's children's clothing business, and shape the new competitiveness of China's children's clothing industry.
At the meeting, Chen Xialin, member of the Standing Committee of the Yuhang District Committee and Executive Deputy District Mayor of Hangzhou, said that in recent years, Yuhang has been vigorously developing the digital economy and implementing the "new manufacturing plan" in order to achieve leapfrog economic and social development and become a "dream-seeking" for the vast number of talents. , Build dreams, realize dreams". Among them, Yishang Town, as a highland for the development of the fashion industry focused on by Yuhang, is an important node for the development of the grafting and integration of traditional industries and emerging industries. This year, Yuhang District has deepened cooperation with the China National Textile and Apparel Council, China Garment Association, China Fashion Designers Association and other three national brand associations, resonating at the same frequency in six major areas such as collaborative promotion and technological innovation, and jointly promoting the high quality of Yishang Town. development of.
Chen Dapeng, vice president of the China National Textile and Apparel Council and president of the China National Garment Association, pointed out that the current apparel industry is facing structural changes from product to lifestyle, from brand to value proposition; the commercial end is facing interaction with consumers The way, consumption link entrance and business logic have changed greatly; the manufacturing side is facing the changes of production factors, production relations and manufacturing methods triggered by digital technology. The innovation and development of the supply chain is imminent, especially the challenges and difficulties that the new crown epidemic, geographic conflict, and global economic recession have brought to the industry. However, with the strong resilience of China's apparel industry and the huge space for China's domestic demand market, China has the most Conditions will inevitably assume the mission of leading the global apparel industry transformation, reconstruct China's position in the global supply chain and value chain, and contribute to the innovation of the global apparel industry's commercial civilization.